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Nick Padovani
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Nick Padovani This is tech death done right! Fast, furious, crazy riffs, sick vocals, the whole shebang. Definitely for fans of Spawn of Possession (Vocals come to mind mostly), Virulent Depravity, and good music period. Favorite track: Arkanum.
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Released January 22, 2016
Recorded by Simon Th, Julian Parry and Daniel Thor Hannesson.
Mixed and mastered by Manuele Pesaresi

Drum tracking by Alessandro Vagnoni (recorded by Manuele P)
Produced by Daniel Thor, Simon Th

Songs composed by Daniel Thor Hannesson.
Lyrics written by Jón Haukur Pétursson

Guest guitar solo on 'Tomb of Sa'ir' by Simon Th
Guest guitar solo on 'Arkanum' by Hjörtur Ólafsson
Guest guitar solo on 'Detested Empress' by Jón Þór Sigurleifsson
All piano and string arrangements by Jón Þór Sigurleifsson

Album cover and logo designed by Ultrabat Illustrations


released January 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Cult of Lilith Reykjavík, Iceland

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Track Name: Abaddon
I awaken
Summoned by the beacon in darkness
A host of souls ripe for the taking

I am the eater of suns
I am the eye in the void
I am the father of swarms
I am the end of creation
My reign shall start with you

Can you hear them
My daughters and sons
In the millions
They hunger

My kingdom of ruin shall be raised
Upon the corpse of the winter way

The sound of silence permeates
And soon I shall consume the next

Excoriate the flesh from the vastness
Consecrate the infinite planes

The crucible that burns away the sickness
Abolish the infestation

Purge the blight from this decrepit world
Absolve the affliction its inhabitants have wrought

I am the eater of suns
I am the eye in the void
I am the father of swarms
I am the end of creation
My reign shall start with you
Track Name: Tomb of Sa'ir
What was unearthed was not of this world
Unnatural formation of stone and flesh
Warm to the touch, peculiar shape
A sort of grotesque beauty

The abnormal sphere gave a beckoning call
Only heard by men in their sleep

The black hymn of the fiend within
Made man into beast, and beast into man

From the vessel it burst, an inhuman being

Silence fell, and by her gaze were enslaved
men by the thousands
By her radiance, they fell to their knees
Made misshapen, and reduced to fiends

From her womb, sprang disease
A plague of the soul
The sun forever sets

We are the doom of all worlds
We unleashed the primordial truth
the scope of what was to come
Beyond comprehension

Locust queen, daughter of storms
She comes to lay her claim
Abyssal mother, bringer of ruin

She is the eater of worlds
harbinger of endless desert
By her hand shall the spheres fall
Into the abyss which spawned her

Tomb of Sa'ir
Track Name: Arkanum
Leave it unspoken
Unheard, this perilous knowledge
Scripture of mad men, songs of the void
leave it to burn

Burn, the words from the mouth
of greater minds
Hide it from the eyes

This was not for men to see
A divination of the wills of gods
The black tongue of the abyss
Terrifying image of things to come

Immaterial voice
Sings of the coming storm
fleshbound destroyer
Harvester, reaper of souls

Steel your spirit
He is coming
Shed your flesh
this reaping was foreseen

Our minds are the signal fire
Calling forth the blackened beast
Avert your gaze, broodlord
give us stay, father of millions

The knowing of his coming, was never meant to be
Tear the veil of blissful ignorance
This cannot be unheard or unseen
The mind is broken, there are no chains to escape
Spiral into madness
Track Name: Detested Empress
Trample them, stamp them out
Climb upon the mound of corpses
Ascend the broken dead
Assume your crown of nothing
Detested Empress
Oblivious and blind
Hate, a crown upon her head

This kingdom was paid for in blood
A throne forged in treachery
Drink of her soiled soul
Become one of the vermin

This stigma will never fade
You are marked, forever known to be

Deathless, yet unliving
omnipotent entity

There is a price to pay
A debt for what was given
You will relinquish all
Lest they take it from you

Silence, you have lost your self
as has your debt been paid

You'll never see the light
and the warmth has gone forever
You servitude begins
This is the cross you will bear
Endless plains of ice
The wages of sin

We will grant you release
At eternities end
As the last falls from the night
Track Name: Night Hag
Shadows begin to speak
Ones own flesh made unwilling
Hidden eyes inside the black
An unknowable intellect

I have no legs and I must run
I have no mouth and I must scream

I dream of a sea of flesh
Innumerable frenzied mouths
I dream of the living shadow

The blissful touch
the baleful gaze

She comes in the night
A beastly form in shade
A paralyzing gaze
In the dark there is no refuge
She takes what is hers

From your seed she will breed
A legion of offspring
Pray for an end
The cold embrace of nothing

You have sown the seed
What you will reap
Transcendental infiltration
Sins of the father incarnate
The bastard nephilim disembark